Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some old work, one new watercolor

Thought I'd toss some of my old sketchlist work up here... funny how looking through it after not seeing it for awhile how little of it seems as good as your remember - I guess that means you're improving a little? Or just that you realize where you need work more? Either way, I think it's actually a good thing.

This is a new one, actually. I think every year I'm giving this friend of mine a new chapter. The text ended up a little dark, unfortunately.

This is the one from last year, the first one. I prefer it to the new one, actually.


Sang Han said...

The latest one is brilliant! I apprechiate it even more, since I have no skill with watercolors. Love the composition and pose of the characters.

Sean Andrew Murray - SAM said...

Awesome stuff. I know what you mean about looking at older stuff iwith new eyes. Although, I sometimes find it goes both ways. I often look at some of my older work that I barely paid attention to when I created it, and I suddenly realize it was much better than I thought, or that it contained a really neat idea or approach that I haven't since tried. But the biggest bummer is when you suddenly look at an older piece that you once thought was portfolio material, and realize how awful it is. Ah well, I suppose it is not an uncommon roller coaster for most.

Ted Terranova said...

I love those watercolors. It looks like you have a cool book underway. Makes me want to go out and get a griffen to ride around on. Great stuff Colin.