Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Globe Chaser

Finished! I think I like doing this insane linework stuff. I used to do this kind of work a lot back in college, but it was very time consuming, and not very practical as "concept art portfolio" work, but now that I have a job, maybe I should start doin this kind of stuff as personal work more often.

Also, I am going to start doing all of my concept art in finger-paints... or as mobiles.


Ted Terranova said...

Love the line work. I can't wait to see the mobiles. I'll lend you one of my Calder books for inspiration.

Colin Campbell said...

Awesome, man. This is really different. I especially like all the stuff hanging off of the chaser - the sword and trinkets and all the curves.
Are the cross-hatching lines at the very bottom part of the original drawing or a psd layer? That's the only thing that caught my eye. Everything else in the drawing exists really well as separate entities but still making sense together - those lines I think sortof melt the figure into the ground a bit because they overlap the feet and skirt.
Cool stuff. Way to keep the sketchlist alive.

Jay Gillen said...

Really cool stuff man :D
I love the "old illustration" feel of the whole piece. Really nice colors and line work. :)

Sean Andrew Murray - SAM said...

Colin - the lines at the bottom are a new method of applying hatching in photoshop that I am experimenting with. I am creating layers of line work (drawn in Photosop, then overlapping them to create a rapido-graph-like feel. It is imperfect, and needs work, but it's something I am excited to experiment with, sort of like the way a lot of digital artists experiment with custom brushes and the like. Also, the entire drawing was actually done in photoshop.

I am also thinking of starting out new pieces by taking my quick digital sketches, printing them out big, drawing over top of them with pencils or ink, then scanning them back in and paintingunderneath the drawing layer. We'll see. Thanks guys!