Sunday, December 9, 2007

Level 22 Warrior Magician Woman in Inks

Messing around in Painter. I'll start using some color soon, I'm just a little scared right now.


Colin Campbell said...

Awesome, Ted.

Colin Campbell said...

there was more to that comment but blogger truncated it.

What do you think of painter? I haven't jumped into it very far and I'd be curious what you think.
Since this was just your sketch, at first I thought this was a dude, but then realized she was a dame. I'm not sure what threw me, but it's not much - it might be as simple as the hair falling in front of the ears look like sideburns, or maybe some lines in her face look a little strong and masculine. But it's also refreshing to see a warrior woman not looking like a Victoria's Secret model. Then again, now that I think about it, maybe it would be appropriate to some time try drawing a warrior woman more masculine... they probably all are. Even more absurd - maybe we should have an American Gladiators inspired Sketch-night.

Awesome stuff, Ted. Can't wait to see her with color.

kenjibliss said...

Hey Ted, pretty neat character design. I like how the design is very simple but works very well. I need to start using painter more but seems more of a hassle to work with at the moment but love the look of it so much. thanks for sharing.

Sean Andrew Murray - SAM said...

Level 22 MY ASS! She doesn't look an experience point over level 14 if you ask me, but hey, maybe she's "undercover".

Sorry, bad joke. Really cool piece Ted! Be not afraid!