Monday, March 17, 2008

Mock Turtle II

I've let this sit way too long. I finally pushed on it some tonight for about an hour.
I'd been having some trouble with the shell pieces but I think making them darker helped. Not sure about the background, but I'm leaning away from anything literal, I think. And perhaps the front flippers could use some more contrast. Reactions or ideas would be great.


Sean Andrew Murray - SAM said...

Wow! Now that's awesome! The face is sooooo cool, great job!

The one thing that is distracting right now is the goo lines... I think they are too straight... goo tends to have a curve to it as gravity pulls the center section of the goo down. I think that would help make it feel more realistic, and less like cords attached to his body.

Really awesome though,I think this could really turn out to be a killer piece for you.

Ted Terranova said...

That is coming along really well. The face is really well done. The eyes really look wet, like he's crying.