Saturday, March 29, 2008

DS Sketches/Scribbles

A few of us at work are playing around with COLORS! for the Nintendo DS Lite. I think Aaron started it all? It's really fun and I've found myself just scribbling while watching TV. Here are some of my "pieces". I'm thinking that this is a good way to start an image, then take it into photoshop to finish it.

And this is can upload your image on the COLORS! site and people can view the movie of how you painted your image. So cool. Check it out.

I found some cool studies done by GORO who is on CGTALK a bit and some more done by SPARTH on his site. Looking at Sparth's stuff makes me realize I need to start doing some life studies and with the DS there's no reason not to go outside and do some digital sketches. Here are some more images from Sparth...pretty cool stuff.


kenjibliss said...

Hey these are pretty cool! I remember when Aaron showed me how awhile back on how this thing worked. It's such a great tool like you mentioned for quick rough studies then transfer them to PS or painter. Wish the pressure sensitivity was much better. Cool stuff!

kenjibliss said...

...just looked at Sparths sketches with the DS....pretty serious...beasting it up.