Monday, January 14, 2008

WIP Mock Turtle

Started this over the weekend for Kenji's Alice in Wonderland idea. This is the Mock Turtle. Lewis just describes him as crying constantly and sitting on the beach missing the ocean. From that, and the fact that Alice is taken to him, and then away from him, I like the idea that he never actually leaves his spot sitting looking at the sea. I'm also playing with the idea that he's been sitting on the beach so long in the same space now his shell is falling off of him.

I'm going to add some more colors in, too. I think he could benefit from some blue washes here and there; maybe some reds.

I looked at the turtle from the Neverending Story a bit for his face.


kenjibliss said...

Colin the piece is looking very cool so far. I really like the twist with his shells falling off from his body. The expression on his face is very evident. Can't wait to see more progress with the Mock Turtle.

Sang Han said...

This is looking so awesome. I love the level of stylization and the expression on his face. Keep it going!

Young Vo said...

Wow, looks great Colin! I guess I should start;0

I also like the color choice.